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These resources provide essential information about java programming for the FTC Robotics helping you setup and configure you ZTE Android phones, install version 7 of java and the Android Studio IDE software development environment.

Rookie teams should consider starting their season by building either the FTC-approved K9 or PushBot Robots. With the PushBot robot you can have a competitive robot. The best part -- The new FTC Software Development Kit comes with the programs ready to use for these robots if you build them according to the specifications in their build guide.

Detailed build guide instructions can be found here: K9 BUILD GUIDE or PUSHBOT BUILD GUIDE

The FTC Technology Forum is a key resource for learning the new control system where you will find an active community willing to help you with problem solving and questions. Got a problem? Chances are someone has already figured it out for you.
FTC Fourms

Get these manuals and reference guides for understanding the new control system:
Next Gen Platform & Mentor Guide
FTC Training Manual
Build Guide For K-9 Robot
FTC ZTE Channel Changing App

ZTE Speed Phone Setup - Excellent video for configuring the ZTE Android Phones.
Phone Setup

On-line training for the new FTC Android Control System--Get a free user/password account and take this on-line training course offered by Intelitek. Online Training


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