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Before installing Android Studio on your PC you must first install the JAVA 7 SDE on your PC. Follow the installation instructions at here: [JAVA 7 INSTALLATION GUIDE]

Before downloading Android Studio, make sure your PC has the following minimum requirements. Min Requirements

Android Studio is a very large system and will require about 25 gigabytes of free disk space. Be sure you have this space available before trying to build Android Studio.

Go to the download page for Android Studio, and click the download button (circled in red). Download Android Studio

Agree to terms and conditions and begin the download. After the download of the android ".exe" file go to your Download directory and click on the .exe program to begin the rebuild.

Allow the program to run.

Click next to begin the installation

Choose all components then click next.

I recommend you let the installation locations default and click next.

Let the Start Menu Folder default, then click install

Wait for Installation to complete then click next.

Click "Start Android Studio" and then click Finish

Allow Firewall access to Android Studio

Select IntelliJ or Dracula User Interface Colors and then type next.

Click finish on "Downloading Components"

On Welcome to Android Studio window click Configure

Then click on SDK Manager.

On SDK Manager window additionally select the following elements needed for the FTC Control system: Android SDK Build-tools 21.1.2, Android 4.4.2 (API 19) and Google USB Driver

Click Accept License then Install

Install the additional packages that come up after the initial SDK install above is completed.

Accept license again click Install the new packages. You may need to do this an additional time when this step is complete.

Congratulations, if you followed these steps you should be ready to go.


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