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FIRST/FTC has adopted a new robotics control system starting in the 2015-2016 season. The new system uses an Android-based computer system interfacing with a new power module, motor and servo controllers, and a legacy module allowing teams to use old sensors and controllers from past seasons.

FTC Programming Resources

There is much to learn about the new system and there is no time like now to get started on your path to building a championship robot for the up-coming season. Here are some resources to get you going:

- Click here for a list of videos that gives you an overview of the new system: [OVERVIEW]

- Click here for the details about the new FTC Software Development Kit (SDK) and programming environment: [REFERENCE DOCUMENTATION]

Installing Software and Configuring the ZTE Speed Android

For teams planning to use Java programming, you will need to install these packages:

- Click here for instructions on installing Java 7 [INSTALL JAVA 7].

- Click here for instructions on Android Studio [INSTALL ANDROID STUDIO]

- Click here for the FTC Software Development Kit [INSTALL FTC SDK]

- Click here to see a video on configuring the ZTE Speed Android phone: [Video]

Good luck with the new season and may the best robot win!

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