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Nov. 04, 2014


  1. Scrimmage Time!
  2. It's not to late to Register your team
  3. Tournament Registration
  4. Tips from Rich the "Ref"
  5. Judges Corner
  6. Donation Destination

Time to plan a scrimmage in your area.
Please let us know what you have coming up!
Contact Susan Garduno for details

2. Register your team.
Teams must be registered with FIRST prior to registering for a tournament.

3. Qualifying Tournaments:
Sign up for your Qualifying Tournament while there is still room.

Chandler (Nov. 22,2014)  --- 4 open slots
Phoenix (Nov. 22, 2014) ---5 open slots
Flagstaff (Dec. 06, 2014) ---2 open slots
New Mexico (Dec. 13, 2014) ---6 open slots
Laveen (Jan. 24, 2015) ---2 open slots
Goodyear (Feb. 07, 2015)  ---10 open slots

Open slots in
Qualifying Tournaments as of November 04, 2014.

Arizona & New Mexico can now sign up for a second Qualifying Tournament.

Qualifying Tournaments are open to all Teams.                                                                                                

4. Tips from "Ref" Rich
Here is this week's input:
Last week we covered some thoughts during autonomous mode, and hopefully your robot has performed well and done what you instructed it to do…  for the rookie teams, this is always interesting!

               At this point in the match, we will take a short break and the refs will record the score of the Autonomous action.  Also, if robots need to be disentangled, set-upright, or if ball tubes are tipped over, they will be set upright (penalties can still apply). 

               Now it is your turn!!!  Grab the controllers (the emcee or Refs should prompt you) and prepare to start the remaining 2:00 of the match in driver controlled action.  This is where you need to really get into the game manual and read through the rules carefully.  Make sure you understand the definitions, what are penalty situations, and how you can “give” the opposing alliance extra points…

               I’ll highlight a few items I can foresee happening, and have been discussed on the forums (please continue to review the FTC Forums regularly)…

1.       Controlling more than 5 Balls.  Be careful here.  There is the issue of plowing through the field of balls and getting more than 5.  We will be watching this action carefully.  Look carefully at the definition of Control/Controlling.

2.       Pushing the goals.  Watch the time and boundaries if you are pushing around the Opposing Alliance Goals… <GS8> through <GS15> make it pretty clear what you can and cannot do with the rolling goals…  please read these over a few times and ask if you have any questions.

3.       For those who like to play aggressive, that is okay, just be careful of incurring penalties due to being too aggressive.  See <G9>, <G10> and <G19).

4.       In the course of play, remember rule <G11> is always present…  that is all about causing an opposing alliance to incur a penalty…  this could lead into a <G19> situation if during play, you tend to cause an alliance to violate other rules…

               Have I stressed the importance of reading and understanding the rules of the game and visiting the forums to fine tune our strategies and tactical field play!?!

               Join us next week for more about some of these game play rules…  I will focus on some details in the weeks to come!

Enjoy, and continue to tweak those ‘bots!

Rich “

Submit Ref questions to and Rich will answer all he can in the weekly ARIZONA FTC BLAST

5.Judges Corner

Rockwell Collins Innovate Award

This award bares the name of a key supporters of FIRST, and the team that receives this award will have captured the essence of the Rockwell Collins. The award focuses on a single sub-element or whole design of the robot, the winning element or robot will be clean, well engineered, creative, reliable and functional. To earn this award a team must provide an engineering notebook that documents robot evolution and progression.

Sample Engineering Notebook

7. Donation Destination

A well written Business Letter can make a huge difference in you fundraising efforts. Here are a few tips to help:
1. Use letterhead
2. Avoid acronyms
3.Explain what your doing & why
4. Keep it to one page
5. Include your tax ID#
6. Include contact information and web site

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