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Mr. Dave Thompson

Team Founder and Coach

Mr. Thompson has been an educator in Flagstaff for over 20 years. He taught physics at Coconino High School and now teaches pre-service science and math teachers at the NAUTeach program at NAU's Center for Science Teaching and Learning. In his spare time, Mr. T is an avid outdoorsman. Dave is the main mentor for the technical team on the CocoNuts, is the 2013 Arizona Woodie Flowers Finalist for excellent mentoring, and was the 1999 National Science Teacher of the Year.


Ms. Christine Sapio

Team Founder and Non-Technical Coach

Ms. Sapio has been teaching physics and CIT at Coconino High School for 8 years. She is close to completing her Master's degree in science teaching at NAU. Her project is a 2-day professional development workshop for FIRST Lego League coaches that will be piloted this summer. She is the main mentor for the Inspiration, Media, and Chairman's Award teams. In her spare time, Christine loves rock climbing and fencing. Last year, Ms. Sapio was a finalist for both the Arizona and Coconino County Teacher of the Year and was named Arizona Science Teacher of the Year.


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